Address: Two Buccaneer Boulevard, Oswego, NY 13126

Nickname: "Buccaneers"

HIGH SCHOOL: Enter Oswego on Route 48 or Route 57. Take a left at the first stop light, Utica St., and proceed until you see the high school. For activities at LEIGHTON SCHOOL, take a right at the stop sign before the high school. Proceed one block and take a left down to the Leighton School site.


MIDDLE SCHOOL: Take Route 48 out of Fulton, proceed about 5 miles to the Village of Minetto. You will notice a bridge crossing the river in Minetto. Just past the entrance to the bridge you will see Benson Ave. where you take a left and proceed for 1.5 miles. At the end of Benson you pick up County Rt. 25, turn right and proceed for about 3 miles. As soon as you cross the railroad tracks, turn right on Mark Fitzgibbons Drive and you will see the Middle School.


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